Manufacturers Association of Satara

About MAS

    MAS has been playing a significant role in accelerating the industrial development of Satara region for more than three decades now.

    The major activity of MAS is solving member's problems concerning various government departments, arranging seminars & workshops for members. Arrange & facilitate expert consultation to members. Try to promote industry friendly atmosphere in satara region.


    Functioning of the MAS

    • Tha MAS council consists of 21 members, among which various sub groups are made for looking after infrastucture, security, publications, membership promotion etc. The MAS council meets at MAS Bhavan an every Thursday. The last meeting of the month is open for all members.

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January 22,2020
दरवाढ रद्द करण्यासाठी हरकती घेण्याचे मास,च्या पदाधिकाऱ्यांचे आवाहन.
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December 13,2019
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March 19,2019
December 22,2018
सातारा औद्योगिक राजधानी बनेल.
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